Do you ever have that one band/artist who is just so important to you and with them it’s always more than just the music? And it’s because they get you through the day and they have the ability to make you happy when no one else can and you would do anything to support them because they have such a profound effect on your life and without them you just wouldn’t be the same person.

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Everyone’s here for Cheryl..

Zayn Malik + smiles

She’s very focused, very ambitious, and people listen to her. I went to one of these arena dates where we had 4,000-5,000 people in the room. She comes in and it’s like royalty has arrived. It was galling to see this wonder girl’s impact on an audience. Of course. it pissed me off that she stole my limelight, but at the same time I thought, ‘I’ve done my job, I’ve found someone the public is interested in.’ She had that star glow about her. - Simon talking about Cheryl


Beyoncé | 2014 MTV Video Music Awards on August 24, 2014

Hyejeong during ‘A Song For You’; for anonymous 

“Thanks gawjuss send me direct mail let’s chat..xx”

Zayn Malik (via zaytanmaliks)

Laverne Cox stanning for Beyoncé at the VMAs